Arabella Hotel & Spa

P erfectly placed in the heart of one of the world’s richest plant kingdoms, this five-star retreat offers a wealth of elegance and service

Arabella Hotel & Spa rests in the heart of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. Hugged by the Rooisands Nature Reserve, the Bot River Lagoon and Kogelberg Mountains, every room leads to a private terrace or balcony overlooking pristine grounds, swimming pool, mountain views or lagoon waters. The hotel offers a variety of elegant restaurants and bars to indulge even the most discerning palate with fine cuisine and wine. Leisure facilities include a heated indoor hydro pool, sauna, and an award-winning spa (Spa facilities are not available for children under the age of 16). Beyond the walls of this five-star retreat, you’re spoilt for choice with activities, such as kayaking at sea, horseback rides through the shore and golf at the prestigious Arabella Golf Course, to name a few.

The Arabella Golf Course in Kleinmond has been named once again as one of South Africa’s Top 5 courses and number 1 in the Western Cape.


This breath-taking retreat captures the essence of luxury, privacy and rejuvenation. Wake up to songs of exotic birdlife and let the fresh sea breeze envelope you while you relax.


​On the Arabella Country Estate, R44 Kleinmond,
Hermanus, South Africa
T: +27 28 284 0000
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Restaurant Close
  • Jamani Restaurant

    A reflection of South Africa's love affair with good food and wine. A window to the soul of Africa, Jamani Restaurant offers rustic South African fare. A large balcony with vistas of the cascading swimming pool glistering in the morning sun or softly lit at night creates the ideal setting to enjoy a leisurely buffet breakfast or an intimate dinner under starry skies.
Lounge Close
  • Laguna Lounge Redefined

    A comfortable lobby lounge, Laguna is the ideal place to enjoy exceptional coffees, cakes and handmade chocolates whilst immersing in a good book or playing a game of Backgammon.

The Rooms

luxury rooms

The rooms are decorated in welcoming, warm earthy tones that mirror the beauty of the surrounding area and are dressed with rich rosewood furniture, luxurious cottons and plush duvets and pillows.

  • Deluxe
  • Grand Deluxe
  • Suite
  • Presidential
  • Universal Access
Several room types available
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​Elegantly decorated in welcoming, warm earthy tones. All Rooms are non smoking. 28 Deluxe King, 8 Standard King, 18 Twin.

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​Elegantly decorated in welcoming, warm earthy tones. 44 King & 25 Twin.

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Elegantly decorated in welcoming, warm earthy tones. 12 King Suites, 4 Suite Twins, 2 Attic Suites.​

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Elegantly decorated in welcoming, warm earthy tones. 2 Presidential Suites. ​

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2 universally accessible rooms, to ensure a comfortable stay.​


Best Available Rate (BAR)

Our most FLEXIBLE rate with no upfront payment required to guarantee your booking, you can change your dates and/OR cancel with no penalties and includes our best(famous) value-added extras!

      For GUESTS booking on the hotel’s Best Available Rate, you will receive the following:

    • 500MB Wi-Fi per room, per day
    • Access to the Arabella Spa facilities (indoor heated pool, sauna, gymnasium). Terms & Conditions Apply.
    • A complimentary drink on arrival
    • Parking

    The Location

    20° MAX
    10° MIN




    Our Spa Close
    • Our Spa

      Our Spa

      ​Relaxation in South Africa - modern, yet traditional well-being

      No children under the age of 16 years will be allowed in the Arabella Spa hydropool area. Children can freely enjoy the outside pool area.
      Reclaim your sense of self, one lavishly idyllic minute at a time at Arabella Spa. Well revered as one of South Africa's premiere spa destinations, the award winning Arabella Spa is a heavenly retreat devoted to wellness.
      The spa is home to the world-first African Rainforest Experience, a two-hour sensory water and steam treatment using African products and inspired by African rains. Arabella Spa combines traditional and modern therapies, artfully fusing Far Eastern and Western knowledge with innovative beauty products of the highest international quality, leaving spa visitors with a deep feeling of relaxation and a restored natural balance.
      The award-winning Arabella Spa utilises products that have only the highest quality and professional status that are internationally recognised.
      Acclaimed brands worldwide such as BABOR and Dermalogica deliver the highest results in skin and body care whilst delivering decadent luxury to all treatments. Manicure and pedicures are performed with OPI and Spalicious products, bringing softness and a gleam to the hands and feet. We cater for expectant mothers with the Mama Mio range of body care. Pregnancy body care is elevated to another level with these rich omega oil based products.
      Hotel and spa GUESTS can indulge in the heated indoor hydro-pool and outdoor lap pool, sauna, steam room and the crystalline waters of the swimming pool at their own leisure, and at no additional cost.
      Opportunity abounds for the athletically inclined. Partake in a spirited game of tennis on the estate's court or a fitness and training session in the Arabella Spa gymnasium.
      Couples massage is a great way to introduce a partner who has never gotten a massage before in a way that makes them feel more comfortable the first time. Some men are apprehensive about getting a massage and to have their wife or girlfriend there is reassuring.
      It can also be a good choice if you're traveling with someone you don't get to see often enough -a sister, girlfriend, mom or best friends and you want to spend as much time together as possible or simply, an escape to spend quality time with your partner in a space that is calm & tranquil where both your daily stresses are soothed & massaged away.
      Spa Operating hours:
      Monday to Sunday - 8am until 8pm
      Contact Arabella Spa
      Tel: +27 28 284 0036
    Services and Treatments Close
    • Services and Treatments

      Services and Treatments

      The fifteen steps included in The African Rainforest Experience are:

      Exfoliation Room - 10 minutes
      Receive a salt scrub on heated slab by a therapist.
      To clear old, rough and dry skin and to make the skin more receptive to the treatment to come. Lying on a heated slab, the body is kept warm as the scrub is applied.

      Ante Room - 5 minutes
      GUESTS to take a hot shower (or to be showered down by therapist). Afterwards GUESTS ladle themselves from the cold-water fountain in the anteroom. The hot shower warms the body up, relaxes the muscles and opens the pores of the skin. The cold-water splash then improves circulation. In order to be effective, these steps should not be rushed. They give the body a signal to start to detoxify.

      Eucalyptus Steam Room experience (42ºC) - 10 minutes
      The steam, in combination with eucalyptus, opens the pores and benefits the respiratory system. Plus, eucalyptus is very effective against headaches, fatigue and stress. The steam room further encourages relaxation and detoxification.
      Cold Shower - 3 minutes
      Therapist or GUEST to ladle themselves from the cold water fountain in the Anteroom. After the high temperatures of the steam room, it is important to cool the body down. This further stimulates the lymphatic system to clear toxins.
      Rest on mosaic slabs underneath heated aromatherapy towel - 5 minutes
      Oils like lemongrass, lemon, orange, lavender, peppermint, ginger encourage relaxation and help to induce feelings of calm and serenity.
      Aromatherapy Sauna (75ºC) - 5 minutes
      GUEST to select preferred Aromatherapy oil to be infused inside the sauna.
      The aroma you choose is very important. Trust your instincts and go for the oil that appeals most to you at that moment. The therapist will also advise you on the effects of specific oils. The heat in the sauna helps increase the benefits of the oil - helping the body detoxify faster. The pores open and the body starts to perspire, flushing away toxins.
      Waterfall Shower - 2 minutes
      Cool to cold shower or cold water hose
      For skin cleansing and to close the pores.
      Again lymphatic drainage is stimulated and circulation enhanced, helping to detox.
      Dry heat Sauna (75ºC) - 5 minutes
      The dry sauna causes more perspiring so the body is further cleansed. Muscles are relaxed by the heat.
      Cold Mountain Mist - 5 minutes
      Soft cold mist falls lightly down on the skin and cools the body down.
      Dry Relaxation Beds - 15 minutes
      Whilst relaxing, drink one glass of water
      It is very important to drink a lot of fluids in situations as you are perspiring a great deal. This ensures that you detox but not dehydrate. Rest is also important when the circulation is stimulated. This is where the body calms down, refreshes and relaxes.
      Reflexology Footbaths with pebbles - 12 minutes
      Alternate 3 times:
      3 minutes warm water (38ºC)
      1-minute cold water (as cold as possible)
      The warm water regulates the body temperature. Through heat, the water will activate circulation, giving a relaxed and calm feeling.
      Rainforest Shower Beds (30-40ºC) - 6 minutes
      3 minutes soft rain lying on back
      3 minutes pulsating rain lying on stomach

      Pamper and relax under a cascade of warm water. This treatment is for the soul.
      Remember our bodies are over 90% water. A relaxed mind helps bring your heart rate down.
      Rest Area - 30 minute
      Drying and application of soothing and rehydrating moisturizers - 10 minutes  
      After the hot sauna and using the showers, the skin needs its moisture replenished with soft, hydrating cream. Relaxation experience in the Candle Room - 30 minutes
      Whilst rehydrating with a glass of water.  
      Your body's detox system has been activated but you will be feeling very, very relaxed.
      Fall asleep; allow the body to calm and awake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. African Tea Ceremony - 10 minutes
      Time for Tea. The ingredients are important. A rooiboos /chamomile mix is relaxing. A Rooiboos/ peppermint mix is detoxifying and cleansing.
      Total time - 120 minutes.

      Body and soul are restored.
    Complimentary Facilities Close
    • Complimentary Facilities

      Complimentary Facilities

      All of the following facilities at Arabella Spa are complimentary to GUESTS of the Arabella Hotel and Spa health resort.
      GUESTS can also indulge in an 85°C sauna with high heat and low humidity.
      Steam Room
      The steam room, at 45°C and offering low heat with high humidity, is highly beneficial for the respiratory system.
      Indoor Heated Hydro Pool
      The hydro pool complex is a non-nudity section and no children under the age of 16 years will be allowed in the Arabella SPA hydropool area.
      • Hydrotherapy circuit with eight jets that massage the body as you move through the circuit, spending two minutes at each point on the circuit.
      • The five Hydro seats offer a hydrotherapy experience in a seated position.
      • Four bubble beds provide a gentler underwater massage in a prone position.

      Fitness Centre
      Fully equipped fitness centre.
      As one of our GUESTS at the Arabella Hotel and Spa health resort you can enjoy all of these exhilarating complimentary spa facilities.​

    Etiquette and Policies Close
    • Etiquette and Policies

      Etiquette and Policies

      In order to ensure that all GUESTS benefit from the quiet, tranquil atmosphere that befits Arabella Spa, you are requested to keep noise to a minimum.

      In the interest of our GUESTS' privacy, the use of cameras and cell phones is prohibited.
      We recommend that all valuables are left in the GUESTS' hotel rooms.
      No glass objects are permitted in the Spa - plastic glasses are provided for your convenience.

      Hotel GUESTS are requested to use their robes & slippers from their rooms when using spa facilities.
      When using the Fitness Centre please:
      • wear appropriate clothing and non-marking footwear
      • keep a sweat towel with you at all times
      • wipe all machines after use with the wipes provided
      • do not drop weights on the floor or remove them from the Fitness Centre
      • do not move any machines
      • always shower after a workout and before entering any of the other facilities in the Spa

      When using the sauna and steam room please:

      • shower before entering
      • wash down the seat with the hand shower before and after use
      • sit or lie on a dry towel if you are not wearing a Roman skirt
      • have a cool shower before re-entering if you feel any distress
      • be aware that a time limit of 10 to 15 minutes is recommended

      Pool Area

      • Spa GUESTS must shower before and after using the lap pool or hydro-pool
      • Costumes must be worn in this area at all times
      • No food may be served in any area of Arabella Spa
      • No smoking or alcohol is permitted in the Arabella Spa
      • The illegal use of any drugs is strictly prohibited
      The company reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations and members, GUESTS and/or occupants of the Arabella Spa should always familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations currently in force​.
    Pricing & Special Offers Close
    • Pricing & Special Offers

      Pricing & Special Offers

      Click here to view our Spa Price List
      Click here to view our Winter offers for him and her

      Allow our expert hands to ease away stress and bring back radiance, relaxation and a complete sense of renewal in our oasis of beauty and relaxation, Arabella Spa.

      To book your spa package or special offers please call +27 28 284 0036 or email:

      Terms & Conditions Apply.​
    Awards Close
    • Awards


      The World Luxury Hotel and Spa Awards are accepted as the pinnacle of achievement for Luxury Hotels & Spas worldwide. These Awards were established as a celebration of ultimate achievement in service excellence. It is about rewarding and congratulating hotels and spas that have excelled beyond the normal call of duty.

      The World Luxury Hotel Awards accounts for all categories in the Luxury Hotel & Spa industries. Award winners set the benchmark for luxury hotels and spas on the global front in achieving recognition for exceptional service.

      Click here for more information.

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    Rates and Membership Close
    • Rates and Membership

      Rates and Membership

      Special Offers

      Play one of the country’s top golf courses...
      Green Fee Rates & Membership
      Our 18-hole Championship golf course ranks amongst the finest the world has to offer, and visitors are most welcome to come and experience this golfer's paradise. Please enquire about Arabella Golf Club Green Fees, available tee-times and to make your bookings (Tel: +27 28 284 0105 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).


      Arabella Golf Course Member Rates 
      Arabella membership is open to Homeowners and the general public alike. We welcome non-homeowner members as fully fledged members of the Arabella Golf Club. With an affordable entrance fee of only R5 000 for individuals/families and R10 000 for Corporate members, you can be a member of one of the most elite clubs in South Africa.
      Available membership categories:
      • Corporate
      • Family (includes children up to 25 years old)
      • Individual A
      • Individual B
      • Junior
      • Social
      • Student
      • Syndicate
      All our membership packages include enticing privileges that will ensure that your golfing experience and lifestyle are enhanced.
      For more information, please contact Arabella Golf Club on 028-284 0105 or e-mail.
    The Arabella Turn Close
    • Arabella Turn

      Arabella Turn

      Have you Tamed the Turn?

      The Arabella Turn is a sequence of Arabella’s most challenging holes; Holes 3, 4 & 5.
      As Augusta has Amen Corner, so Arabella has the Turn. If you Par the Arabella Turn on gross score you are entitled to a complimentary round of golf at Arabella. All you need to do to claim your complimentary round is to visit the proshop after your round and produce a marker signed score card that shows you completed the turn level par.
      The proshop staff will then issue you with a complimentary voucher for a round of golf at Arabella. As taming the turn is such an amazing feat, we will also publish your name in our weekly newsletter. There are no catches and there is nothing else that you need to do. The only requirement is that you tame the turn.
      Click here to view the on-course plaque.
    Corporate Packages Close
    • Corporate Packages

      Corporate Packages

      Arabella Golf Club is known for its outstanding golf experience and the hosted group golf events are no exception. From bespoke 16 player outings to 200 player tournaments, efficient group event services provide the ideal platform for charity, social and corporate golf days.

      The following popular activities are available for a memorable golf day experience:

      • Group tips clinics prior to tee-off for assistance in better understanding course conditions
      • Back, neck and shoulder massages after the round
      • On-course promotions, such as food & wine pairings and whisky tastings
      • Corporate golf getaways where partners are invited and included
      • Prize-giving functions with wine-tastings and gourmet cocktail snacks
      • VPar live scoring
      • On course branding
      • Advertising on our Pin sheet
      • 5th hole “hole in one” experience
      • Discounts and wholesale pricing on golf apparel


      Option 1 R190pp (min. 8 pax - max. 40 pax)
      Theme: Putting green and driving range practical learning and competition experience.
      Time: 1 hour
      Includes: Clubs, balls, Professional tuition, FUN set up and after golf beverage.

      Option 2 R370pp (min 24 pax - max 120 pax)
      Theme: On course challenge
      Time: Approx 1 hour 30 mins
      Includes: Clubs, balls, Rules Briefing, Professional tuition & 5 holes of TEAM building on the golf course.

      Course Activities:
      Hole 1 - Shovel and Bat challenge
      Hole 2 - Acrobats and Blindfolds
      Hole 3 - High Tea
      Hole 4 - Target Practice
      Hole 5 - Nearest the Pin shooter-out

      Option 3 R480pp (min 24 pax - max 120 pax)
      Theme: On course challenge
      Time: Approx. 3 hours
      Includes: Clubs, balls, Rules briefing, Professional tuition & 9 holes of TEAM building on the golf course.

      Course Activities:
      Hole 1 - Shovel and Bat challenge
      Hole 2 - Acrobats and Blindfolds
      Hole 3 - High Tea
      Hole 4 - Target Practice
      Hole 5 - Nearest the Pin shooter-out
      Hole 6 - Aye Aye Captain Hook
      Hole 7 - At the Beach
      Hole 8 - Egg on your face, do you have pace?
      Hole 9 - Do the Hoola

      For inquiries, please contact

      Click here to view our Team Building Packages

    Events Close
    • Arabella Golf Club Events

      Arabella Golf Club Events

      Arabella Golf Club hosts a series of fun and competitive golf events throughout the year for hotel GUESTS, visitors, members and their GUESTS.

      Please visit this page on a regular basis to see updates of events taking place.

      Play Arabella like the Pros | 28 July-07 August 2014 Click here for more information


      Click here to view more information and fees.

      After the success of the THE ARABELLA MAJOR’S SERIES this year, Arabella Hotel & Spa is excited to host the annual Series next year. Dates for 2014 TBC
      The Open Championship was first played on the 17th of October 1860 at Prestwick Golf Club in Ayrshire, Scotland. It is the world's oldest golf tournament in existence and golf's first major.
      Following in the rich history of golf’s first major, Arabella Golf Club is proud to host four not-to-be missed events, as part of the Arabella Major's Series, that coincide with modern day major championships. It is every golfer’s dream to play in a major championship or alongside the world’s best players. Entrants are ‘paired’ with a major playing professional and scores are combined, effectively allowing you to take on the field and really feel the major atmosphere when you or your professional ‘partner’ hits a birdie run. With great prizes up for grabs, sponsored by TaylorMade (to the value of R30 000), your dreams will come true.
      The Arabella Major’s Series provides a value packed offer and with the ambiance of Arabella around you, you will feel like a Major Champion throughout this thrilling experience.
    Our Golf Course Close
    • Our Golf Course

      Our Golf Course

      Experience one of the Cape's top ranked golf courses with the Arabella Golf Tour Package and try tame the Arabella Turn.
      *Please see the Golf Course Maintenance tab for updated information on the Hollow Tining progress.
      Surrounded by the magnificent Kogelberg mountain range and Bot River Lagoon, and edged by wild fynbos, the picturesque Arabella Golf Course is the ideal place to pursue a passion for golf and enjoy an ideal golf holiday. The fabled 18-hole, Par 72 Championship course has consistently been ranked in the top 10 courses in South Africa (currently ranked #4 in South Africa by Golf Digest magazine). The 8th hole has been described as one of the most beautiful par 5's in South Africa and the 18th hole was rated one of the finest finishing holes in the country.
      The course was designed and built by the highly acclaimed South African golf course architect Peter Matkovich in 1999. Since then, many professionals and celebrities have enjoyed the Arabella Golf experience, including Jack Nicklaus, Samuel L. Jackson, Ernie Els, Retief Goosen, Ronan Keating, Lee Westwood, Tim Clark and Gary Player.
      Your golf journey will take you through breathtaking scenery, pristine kikuyu fairways, challenging bunkers and water hazards; and will then test your skill on immaculate dominant-bent greens. All of which receive frequent high praise from golf professionals and amateurs alike.
      Club facilities
      • Fully stocked pro shop
      • Warm up range
      • Putting green
      • Chipping green
      • Halfway house
      • Golf club bar
      • Locker room and showers
      • Golf carts with GPS
      • Golf clubs for hire
      • Golf clinics and coaching
      Opening hours
      From 7 am until sunset daily, Winter months from 8 am
      Reserving a tee-off time
      Any day, by telephone +27 28 284 0105 or email.

      Maximum handicap restriction
      Official handicap required - please enquire when booking

      Golf Lessons
      Individual lessons are available from our resident Pro.

      PLEASE NOTE: For accommodation bookings call +27 28 284 0000.
    Course Maintenance Close
    • Course Maintenance

      Course Maintenance

      Standard course maintenance practices (hollow tining, verticutting of the fairways and scarifying of the rough) take place on selected dates (12-13 May & 1-2 October). We estimate that the greens will take 3 - 4 weeks to fully recover. Click here for rate during this period.

      Tining, verticutting and top-dressing of the tees and fairways will take approximately 10 days to complete however playing surfaces won't be that much affected and will have fully recovered in two weeks. Scarifying of the rough takes approximately 1 month to complete and recovery takes about 3 weeks.

      Make use of our exclusive offers when playing the Cape's number one golf course.​

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    2014 Results Close
    • 2014 Results

      2014 Results

      Thank you to all the participants who took part in the 2014 Arabella Challenge, what a great weekend it was! The weather was fantastic making it the perfect weekend to get the adrenaline pumping and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Kogelberg Biosphere. The event included moments of laughter, technical challenges, riding a borrowed bike, stumbles and tumbles by some, and most of all fun!

      It was an exciting and closely contested race.

      To view the detailed race results, click here:

      Well done to everyone for pushing hard, despite the burning legs, to complete this daring yet rewarding challenge!

    Contact Us Close
    • Contact Us

      Contact Us


      For more information call us on +27 (0) 28 284 0000 or e-mail

      Directions to the start / finish location of the Arabella Challenge.

      PLEASE NOTE – The Arabella Challenge will start and finish from phase 2 of the Arabella Estate and not from the Arabella Hotel and Spa. Therefore when you are travelling to the event, please follow the sign boards to the start / finish area.

      • Follow the N2 out of Cape Town

      • Go through Sir Lowry's Pass

      • 28 Km from the start of Sir Lowry's Pass you will reach the Houwhoek Pass

      • Go through the Houwhoek Pass

      • 7 Km from the start of the Houwhoek Pass you will reach the turnoff onto the R43

      • Take the turnoff onto the R43 and follow the directions to Hermanus / Kleinmond

      • After 9 Km there is a turnoff onto the R44 – heading towards Kleinmond

      • Follow the R44 – after 2 Km you will see the entrance to the Arabella Hotel and Spa on your left hand side – go past this entrance

      • Approximately 1 km further along the R44 you will see the entrance to the start / finish area on your left hand side.
    Overview Close
    • Arabella Overview

      Arabella Overview

      Trail Run & Mountain Bike Race

      Information on the next event coming soon.

      The name says it all – the Arabella Challenge promises to be a daring yet rewarding adventure.

    2014 Gallery Close
    • 2014 Gallery

      2014 Gallery

      Photography of the 2014 Arabella Challenge is being done by 3 Sixty Photography.

      For more information please visit or contact them directly via:

      mobile: 072 550 3773

      Click here to view the photgraphy flyer.

    Feedback Close
    "I can think of a few good reasons to plan a destination trail-running race to the Arabella Hotel & Spa but the best is a combination of race and relaxation..."
    Click here to view the full article in RUNNER'S WORLD
    Lisa Nevitt, Runner's World

    “Just a short note to congratulate you and the team for hosting a excellent event this weekend. With us being exposed to these kind of events quite often, I can assure you, that you have a great event in the making.”
    Willie du Plooy – Celtic Rose Investments


    “Thanks for a brilliant run yesterday, my best experience so far.”
    Shaheem Kader – Pinelands Development Company


    “To start off, I want to thank you and your team, again, for the most spectacular event. Angela - you are phenomenal, thank you so very much! I can honestly say that for a first event it was splendid and extremely well organized”
    Chantel Rall, PR & Sponsorship Manager – Virgin Active


    “Just want to thank you for a weekend of hard climbing and fast downhill’s. Really enjoyed it and will definitely be there towards the end of the year for the second challenge”.
    Braam Gericke, Viticulturist – Wildekrans Estate Wine


    “Thank you for a well organised Trail run.”
    Ray Castelyn


    “Yes i enjoyed it a lot and will be back with some friends”
    Mario Liebenberg


    "Thank you the event was organised so well had a great time. Will definitely do the one in September”
    Lize Liebenberg


    “I want to thank you for a wonder Arrabella Challenge....the hotel was very accommodating and we had a wonderful girls only weekend.”
    Lisa Loftus


    “A big thank you to the Arabella staff for being so professional and polite – their service was top notch.”
    Joanne Syfret
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    • September Race 01

      September Race 01

    • September Race 02

      September Race 02

    • September Race 03

      September Race 03

    • September Race 04

      September Race 04

    • September Race 05

      September Race 05

    • September Race 06

      September Race 06

    • September Race 07

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      September Race 08

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      September Race 12

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      September Race 13

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      September Race 14

    • September Race 15

      September Race 15

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      September Race 16

    • September Race 17

      September Race 17

    • September Race 18

      September Race 18

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      September Race 19

    • September Race 20

      September Race 20

    • September Race 21

      September Race 21

    • September Race 22

      September Race 22

    • September Race 23

      September Race 23

    • September Race 24

      September Race 24

    • September Race 25

      September Race 25

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    • Mountain Bike Race 02

      Mountain Bike Race 02

    • Mountain Bike Race 03

      Mountain Bike Race 03

    • Mountain Bike Race 04

      Mountain Bike Race 04

    • Mountain Bike Race 05

      Mountain Bike Race 05

    • Mountain Bike Race 06

      Mountain Bike Race 06

    • Mountain Bike Race 07

      Mountain Bike Race 07

    • Mountain Bike Race 08

      Mountain Bike Race 08

    • Mountain Bike Race 09

      Mountain Bike Race 09

    • Mountain Bike Race 10

      Mountain Bike Race 10

    • Mountain Bike Race 11

      Mountain Bike Race 11

    • Mountain Bike Race 12

      Mountain Bike Race 12

    • Mountain Bike Race 13

      Mountain Bike Race 13

    • Mountain Bike Race 14

      Mountain Bike Race 14

    • Mountain Bike Race 15

      Mountain Bike Race 15

    • Mountain Bike Race 16

      Mountain Bike Race 16

    • Trail Run 02

      Trail Run 02

    • Trail Run 03

      Trail Run 03

    • Trail Run 04

      Trail Run 04

    • Trail Run 05

      Trail Run 05

    • Trail Run 06

      Trail Run 06

    • Trail Run 07

      Trail Run 07

    • Trail Run 08

      Trail Run 08

    • Trail Run 09

      Trail Run 09

    • Trail Run 10

      Trail Run 10

    • Trail Run 11

      Trail Run 11

    • Trail Run 12

      Trail Run 12

    • Trail Run 13

      Trail Run 13

    • Trail Run 14

      Trail Run 14

    • Trail Run 15

      Trail Run 15

    • Trail Run 16

      Trail Run 16

    Disclaimer Close
    • Disclaimer


      I, (hereinafter the "indemnifier") do hereby agree, undertake, acknowledge, represent, warrant, declare and confirm in favour of the event owners, holders and sponsors (being Arabella Hotel and SPA and Protea Hospitality Group (Pty) Ltd), the event organisers (being Event Active and Angela Rogers), the owners of the Arabella Country Estate (being HPF Properties (Pty) Ltd) and the Arabella Country Estate Home Owners Association and their respective directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents, consultants and contractors, and any volunteers, spectators, coaches and event officials (all of which are hereinafter referred to as the "indemnified parties"), that:-

      • this release and indemnity relates to the Arabella Challenge Trail and Mountain Bike Race to be held at, on or about the Arabella Country Estate during April and September 2014, including all functions and events related thereto (including without limitation, ancillary event functions such as sponsorship, support or volunteer assistance) (the "event");

      • the indemnifier's and the represented parties' involvement and/or participation in the event and all functions and events in connection therewith is entirely at the indemnifier's and the represented parties' own risk;

      • the event carries with it the potential for death, serious injury and property loss. The risks include, but are not limited to, those caused by terrain, facilities, weather, rider's condition, lack of hydration, equipment, vehicular traffic and actions of other people;

      • the indemnifier and the represented parties shall have no claim whatsoever against the indemnified parties, and the indemnifier and the represented parties hereby agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless the indemnified parties from and against any and all loss or damage suffered by the indemnifier and/or the represented parties, and any and all actions, proceedings, claims and demands (including, without limitation, any action,

      • proceeding, claim or demand instituted or made by the indemnifier and/or the represented parties or against the indemnifier and/or the represented parties in any manner whatsoever), as well as all legal and other costs and expenses (including legal costs on an attorney and own client scale) of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising (including, but not limited to, in connection with or arising from injury or death or any loss of or damage to its or any other person's property) which the indemnifier and/or the represented parties may incur or suffer arising from the event or any functions, events or matters connected therewith or related thereto;

      • none of the indemnifier or the represented parties, nor their executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors or assigns, will have any claims of any nature whatever and however arising, whether in contract, delict (including negligence and/or breach of statutory duty) or otherwise arising out of or in connection with the indemnifier's or the represented parties' participation or involvement in the event, against any of the indemnified parties;

      • the stipulations in paragraphs4 and 5 are for the benefit of each of the persons referred to therein and may be accepted by each of them without having to give notice to the indemnifier or the represented parties;

      • the indemnifier and the represented parties know, appreciate and understand fully all the risks and dangers associated with the event and their participation or involvement in the event, and the indemnifier and the represented parties accept all such risks and dangers and all the consequences thereof;

      • this release and indemnity shall be construed in the widest possible sense, and shall include damage or loss that may be caused directly or indirectly or wholly or partly by any act or omission, including any grossly negligent act or omission, on the part of any of the indemnified parties, and will bind the beneficiaries and/or the successors in title of the indemnifier and the represented parties;

      • notwithstanding the foregoing, should liability be found to exist in respect of any one of the indemnified parties for any reason, then such liability –
        9.1 shall not exist in respect of the other of the indemnified parties, without specific grounds existing for liability on the part of the other of the indemnified parties; and

      • the indemnifier has signed this release and indemnity of the indemnifier's own free will, and the indemnifier has not been induced to sign same as a result of duress and/or any representation or warranty of whatsoever nature made or given by the indemnified parties;

      • the indemnifier hereby confirms, warrants and represents that the indemnifier has read and understands the terms of this release and indemnity form, and fully appreciates the legal effect and consequences thereof, and accepts same;

      • the indemnifier shall abide by the event rules and other terms and conditions set out herein as well as any and all other terms, conditions, rules and regulations which may from time to time be implemented, stipulated or imposed by the event owners, holders, sponsorsor organisers relating to or in connection with the event;

      • the indemnifier is and/or represents the parent or legal guardian of the represented parties and is acting in such capacity and agrees to save, hold harmless and indemnify the indemnified parties from all liability, loss, claim or damage whatsoever which may be imposed upon the indemnified parties because of any defect in or lack of such capacity to so act and releases the indemnified parties on behalf of the represented parties, the parent and/or legal guardian.

      In addition to the above the indemnifier further consents to –

      • receiving medical treatment which may be deemed advisable by the event holders, organisers or officials in the event of injury, accident and/or illness suffered by the indemnifier or the represented parties during the event; and

      • the indemnifier and the represented parties being photographed. For the avoidance of doubt, the indemnifier and the represented parties consent to the use of any photo, video or film likeness, without compensation, for any purpose as may be determined by the event owners, holders, sponsors or organisers.

      Please note: No Helmet - No Ride!
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    • Entries & Registration

      Entries & Registration

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      Details about the next Arabella Challenge will be available soon.

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    International business and conference centre with top class facilities

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