Arabella Hotel & Spa

P erfectly placed in the heart of one of the world’s richest plant kingdoms, this five-star retreat offers a wealth of elegance and service

Arabella Hotel & Spa rests in the heart of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. Hugged by the Rooisands Nature Reserve, the Bot River Lagoon and Kogelberg Mountains, every room leads to a private terrace or balcony overlooking pristine grounds, swimming pool, mountain views or lagoon waters. The hotel offers a variety of elegant restaurants and bars to indulge even the most discerning palate with fine cuisine and wine. Leisure facilities include a heated indoor hydro pool, sauna, and an award-winning spa (Spa facilities are not available for children under the age of 16). Beyond the walls of this five-star retreat, you’re spoilt for choice with activities, such as kayaking at sea, horseback rides through the shore and golf at the prestigious Arabella Golf Course, to name a few.

The luxurious Arabella Hotel and Spa, located on the Championship golf course alongside the Bot River lagoon near Kleinmond, is starting the second phase of its multi-million Rand spa upgrade and expansion on
August 25. Click here to read more.


This breath-taking retreat captures the essence of luxury, privacy and rejuvenation. Wake up to songs of exotic birdlife and let the fresh sea breeze envelope you while you relax.


​On the Arabella Country Estate, R44 Kleinmond,
Hermanus, South Africa
T: +27 28 284 0000
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Swimming Pool Close
  • Laughing Waters

    Our two swimming pools are rightly called Laughing Waters named after the spectacular waterfall at the main pool. Lounge around the pools, or have a light lunch at the pool bar taking in the view of the mountains in the distance. Cocktails at the pool deck is your last stop for the day.
Restaurant Close
  • Jamani Buffet

    A window to the soul of Africa, offers contemporary South African cuisine in a casual environment. A large balcony with vistas of the cascading swimming pool glistering in the morning sun or softly lit at night creates the ideal setting to enjoy a leisurely buffet. Open for breakfast and dinners.

    Jamani A la Carte

    A reflection of South Africa's love affair with food and wine with the focus on only the best locally sourced ingredients. This is an elegant and upmarket dining experience with breathtaking sunset views of the lagoon and golf course. Dinner only is served. Private dining happens in a room celebrating our excellent food friendly wines produced in the area. Wine barrels decorate the walls and a magnificent glass bottle chandelier looms over a table that can accommodate up to ten discerning diners. Your wish is our command. Breakfast: 06h30 - 10h30
    Dinner: 19h00 – 22h00

    Click here to view the Christmas Lunch Buffet Menu. Click here to view the New Years Eve Dinner Menu.
Bar Close
  • Barnabas Bar

    A casual and relaxed affair with uninterrupted views of the lagoon and a roaring fire place in the cooler months. Cakes and snacks are served all day, and light meals from 11am till 6pm. Light meals are also served in Barnabas bar and terrace, overlooking the pool and framed by the Overberg mountains.
Lounge Close
  • Laguna Lounge

    A casual and relaxed affair with uninterrupted views of the lagoon and a roaring fire place in the cooler months. Laguna is the ideal place to enjoy exceptional coffees, cakes and handmade chocolates whilst immersing in a good book or playing a game of Backgammon.

    Cakes and snacks are served all day, and light meals from 11am till 6pm.

    Light meals are also served in Barnabas bar and terrace, overlooking the pool and framed by the Overberg mountains.

The Rooms

luxury rooms

The rooms are decorated in welcoming, warm earthy tones that mirror the beauty of the surrounding area and are dressed with rich rosewood furniture, luxurious cottons and plush duvets and pillows.

  • Deluxe
  • Grand Deluxe
  • Suite
  • Presidential
  • Universal Access
Several room types available
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​Elegantly decorated in welcoming, warm earthy tones. All Rooms are non smoking. 28 Deluxe King, 8 Standard King, 18 Twin.

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​Elegantly decorated in welcoming, warm earthy tones. 44 King & 25 Twin.

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Elegantly decorated in welcoming, warm earthy tones. 12 King Suites, 4 Suite Twins, 2 Attic Suites.​

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Elegantly decorated in welcoming, warm earthy tones. 2 Presidential Suites. ​

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2 universally accessible rooms, to ensure a comfortable stay.​


Best Available Rate (BAR)

Our most FLEXIBLE rate with no upfront payment required to guarantee your booking, you can change your dates and/OR cancel with no penalties and includes our best(famous) value-added extras!

      For GUESTS booking on the hotel’s Best Available Rate, you will receive the following:

    • 500MB Wi-Fi per room, per day
    • Access to the Arabella Spa facilities (indoor heated pool, sauna, gymnasium). Terms & Conditions Apply.
    • A complimentary drink on arrival
    • Parking

    The Location

    18° MAX
    12° MIN




    Our Spa Close
    • Our Spa

      Our Spa

      ​Relaxation in South Africa - modern, yet traditional well-being

      No children under the age of 16 years will be allowed in the Arabella Spa hydropool area. Children can freely enjoy the outside pool area.
      Reclaim your sense of self, one lavishly idyllic minute at a time at Arabella Spa. Well revered as one of South Africa's premiere spa destinations, the award winning Arabella Spa is a heavenly retreat devoted to wellness.
      The spa is home to the world-first African Rainforest Experience, a two-hour sensory water and steam treatment using African products and inspired by African rains. Arabella Spa combines traditional and modern therapies, artfully fusing Far Eastern and Western knowledge with innovative beauty products of the highest international quality, leaving spa visitors with a deep feeling of relaxation and a restored natural balance.
      The award-winning Arabella Spa utilises products that have only the highest quality and professional status that are internationally recognised.
      Acclaimed brands worldwide such as BABOR and Dermalogica deliver the highest results in skin and body care whilst delivering decadent luxury to all treatments. Manicure and pedicures are performed with OPI and Spalicious products, bringing softness and a gleam to the hands and feet. We cater for expectant mothers with the Mama Mio range of body care. Pregnancy body care is elevated to another level with these rich omega oil based products.
      Hotel and spa GUESTS can indulge in the heated indoor hydro-pool and outdoor lap pool, sauna, steam room and the crystalline waters of the swimming pool at their own leisure, and at no additional cost.
      Opportunity abounds for the athletically inclined. Partake in a spirited game of tennis on the estate's court or a fitness and training session in the Arabella Spa gymnasium.
      Couples massage is a great way to introduce a partner who has never gotten a massage before in a way that makes them feel more comfortable the first time. Some men are apprehensive about getting a massage and to have their wife or girlfriend there is reassuring.
      It can also be a good choice if you're traveling with someone you don't get to see often enough -a sister, girlfriend, mom or best friends and you want to spend as much time together as possible or simply, an escape to spend quality time with your partner in a space that is calm & tranquil where both your daily stresses are soothed & massaged away.
      Spa Operating hours:
      Monday to Sunday - 8am until 8pm
      Contact Arabella Spa
      Tel: +27 28 284 0036
    Services and Treatments Close
    • Services and Treatments

      Services and Treatments

      The fifteen steps included in The African Rainforest Experience are:

      Exfoliation Room - 10 minutes
      Receive a salt scrub on heated slab by a therapist.
      To clear old, rough and dry skin and to make the skin more receptive to the treatment to come. Lying on a heated slab, the body is kept warm as the scrub is applied.

      Ante Room - 5 minutes
      GUESTS to take a hot shower (or to be showered down by therapist). Afterwards GUESTS ladle themselves from the cold-water fountain in the anteroom. The hot shower warms the body up, relaxes the muscles and opens the pores of the skin. The cold-water splash then improves circulation. In order to be effective, these steps should not be rushed. They give the body a signal to start to detoxify.

      Eucalyptus Steam Room experience (42ºC) - 10 minutes
      The steam, in combination with eucalyptus, opens the pores and benefits the respiratory system. Plus, eucalyptus is very effective against headaches, fatigue and stress. The steam room further encourages relaxation and detoxification.
      Cold Shower - 3 minutes
      Therapist or GUEST to ladle themselves from the cold water fountain in the Anteroom. After the high temperatures of the steam room, it is important to cool the body down. This further stimulates the lymphatic system to clear toxins.
      Rest on mosaic slabs underneath heated aromatherapy towel - 5 minutes
      Oils like lemongrass, lemon, orange, lavender, peppermint, ginger encourage relaxation and help to induce feelings of calm and serenity.
      Aromatherapy Sauna (75ºC) - 5 minutes
      GUEST to select preferred Aromatherapy oil to be infused inside the sauna.
      The aroma you choose is very important. Trust your instincts and go for the oil that appeals most to you at that moment. The therapist will also advise you on the effects of specific oils. The heat in the sauna helps increase the benefits of the oil - helping the body detoxify faster. The pores open and the body starts to perspire, flushing away toxins.
      Waterfall Shower - 2 minutes
      Cool to cold shower or cold water hose
      For skin cleansing and to close the pores.
      Again lymphatic drainage is stimulated and circulation enhanced, helping to detox.
      Dry heat Sauna (75ºC) - 5 minutes
      The dry sauna causes more perspiring so the body is further cleansed. Muscles are relaxed by the heat.
      Cold Mountain Mist - 5 minutes
      Soft cold mist falls lightly down on the skin and cools the body down.
      Dry Relaxation Beds - 15 minutes
      Whilst relaxing, drink one glass of water
      It is very important to drink a lot of fluids in situations as you are perspiring a great deal. This ensures that you detox but not dehydrate. Rest is also important when the circulation is stimulated. This is where the body calms down, refreshes and relaxes.
      Reflexology Footbaths with pebbles - 12 minutes
      Alternate 3 times:
      3 minutes warm water (38ºC)
      1-minute cold water (as cold as possible)
      The warm water regulates the body temperature. Through heat, the water will activate circulation, giving a relaxed and calm feeling.
      Rainforest Shower Beds (30-40ºC) - 6 minutes
      3 minutes soft rain lying on back
      3 minutes pulsating rain lying on stomach

      Pamper and relax under a cascade of warm water. This treatment is for the soul.
      Remember our bodies are over 90% water. A relaxed mind helps bring your heart rate down.
      Rest Area - 30 minute
      Drying and application of soothing and rehydrating moisturizers - 10 minutes  
      After the hot sauna and using the showers, the skin needs its moisture replenished with soft, hydrating cream. Relaxation experience in the Candle Room - 30 minutes
      Whilst rehydrating with a glass of water.  
      Your body's detox system has been activated but you will be feeling very, very relaxed.
      Fall asleep; allow the body to calm and awake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. African Tea Ceremony - 10 minutes
      Time for Tea. The ingredients are important. A rooiboos /chamomile mix is relaxing. A Rooiboos/ peppermint mix is detoxifying and cleansing.
      Total time - 120 minutes.

      Body and soul are restored.
    Complimentary Facilities Close
    • Complimentary Facilities

      Complimentary Facilities

      All of the following facilities at Arabella Spa are complimentary to GUESTS of the Arabella Hotel and Spa health resort.
      GUESTS can also indulge in an 85°C sauna with high heat and low humidity.
      Steam Room
      The steam room, at 45°C and offering low heat with high humidity, is highly beneficial for the respiratory system.
      Indoor Heated Hydro Pool
      The hydro pool complex is a non-nudity section and no children under the age of 16 years will be allowed in the Arabella SPA hydropool area.
      • Hydrotherapy circuit with eight jets that massage the body as you move through the circuit, spending two minutes at each point on the circuit.
      • The five Hydro seats offer a hydrotherapy experience in a seated position.
      • Four bubble beds provide a gentler underwater massage in a prone position.

      Fitness Centre
      Fully equipped fitness centre.
      As one of our GUESTS at the Arabella Hotel and Spa health resort you can enjoy all of these exhilarating complimentary spa facilities.​

    Etiquette and Policies Close
    • Etiquette and Policies

      Etiquette and Policies

      In order to ensure that all GUESTS benefit from the quiet, tranquil atmosphere that befits Arabella Spa, you are requested to keep noise to a minimum.

      In the interest of our GUESTS' privacy, the use of cameras and cell phones is prohibited.
      We recommend that all valuables are left in the GUESTS' hotel rooms.
      No glass objects are permitted in the Spa - plastic glasses are provided for your convenience.

      Hotel GUESTS are requested to use their robes & slippers from their rooms when using spa facilities.
      When using the Fitness Centre please:
      • wear appropriate clothing and non-marking footwear
      • keep a sweat towel with you at all times
      • wipe all machines after use with the wipes provided
      • do not drop weights on the floor or remove them from the Fitness Centre
      • do not move any machines
      • always shower after a workout and before entering any of the other facilities in the Spa

      When using the sauna and steam room please:

      • shower before entering
      • wash down the seat with the hand shower before and after use
      • sit or lie on a dry towel if you are not wearing a Roman skirt
      • have a cool shower before re-entering if you feel any distress
      • be aware that a time limit of 10 to 15 minutes is recommended

      Pool Area

      • Spa GUESTS must shower before and after using the lap pool or hydro-pool
      • Costumes must be worn in this area at all times
      • No food may be served in any area of Arabella Spa
      • No smoking or alcohol is permitted in the Arabella Spa
      • The illegal use of any drugs is strictly prohibited
      The company reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations and members, GUESTS and/or occupants of the Arabella Spa should always familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations currently in force​.
    Pricing & Special Offers Close
    • Pricing & Special Offers

      Pricing & Special Offers

      Click here to view our Spa Price List
      Click here to view our Spring Offer
      Click here to view our Spa Relaunch Special
      Click here to view our Summer Special
      Click here to view our Spa Flawless Finish Invitation

      Allow our expert hands to ease away stress and bring back radiance, relaxation and a complete sense of renewal in our oasis of beauty and relaxation, Arabella Spa.

      To book your spa package or special offers please call +27 28 284 0036 or email:
      Terms & Conditions Apply. ​

    Awards Close
    • Awards


      Arabella Hotel & Spa was the winner of the Hotel Spa Category at the Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Awards. Fusing Far Eastern and Western knowledge, the spa is home to the world-first African Rainforest Experience, a two-hour sensory water and steam treatment inspired by African rains. Everything at the Arabella Spa is about indulgence. The spa facilities include a heated indoor hydro pool, heated outdoor lap pool, sauna, steam room and fitness centre.

      The 10th annual Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Awards hosted by Les Nouvelles Esthetiques South Africa in association with Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Paris, was held on Sunday the 27 July 2014, at the prestigious Maslow Hotel, Sandton. Johannesburg.

      The Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Awards Gala Dinner evening was filled with excitement and glamour as some of the industries most respected and well-known names and media came together to acknowledge their peers. In keeping with the New York Gatsby theme, charleston dancers, art deco décor, a taste extravanganza buffet, followed by energetic entertainment from Funeka and Si-Anne, guest were kept enthralled throughout the evening.

      Through the success of the previous awards, the Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Awards increases in its stature each year, providing the South African and International Spa Visitors and Media with a comprehensive choice of award winning spas, and a reliable source of spa information and recommendations, within South Africa.

      “Spas offer a precious refuge from a frenzied lifestyle. A time and place to relax and disconnect from the world as you recharge your mind, body and spirit, and an opportunity to bring your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves back into alignment. In whatever amount of time one can afford, spas provide peace, relaxation and guidance to help create a healthier lifestyle.“ Dr Nadine de Freitas, Managing Editor, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, South Africa.

      The 2014 Spa Awards consisted of six (6) Categories, namely Day Spa, Hotel Spa, Boutique Hotel Spa, Unique Spa Concept, Safari Spa and Aesthetic/Medi Spa categories.

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    Experience one of the Cape's top ranked golf courses and try tame the Arabella Turn.

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    From the Arabella Challenge to speciailty Wine evenings. Arabella Hotel & Spa is always hosting an event.

    Iona Wine & Dine Event Close
    • Iona Wine and Dine Event

      Iona Wine and Dine Event

      Join us for a tour of the wine routes in our region and enjoy delectable meal pairings with Iona Wine Estate on 25 October 2014.​

      Click here to view the menu.
    Arabella Challenge Close
    • Arabella Overview

      Arabella Overview

      Trail Run & Mountain Bike Race

      Information on the next event coming soon.

      The name says it all – the Arabella Challenge promises to be a daring yet rewarding adventure.

    Wine and Dine Close
    • Wine and Dine

      Wine and Dine

      Join us for a tour of the wine routes in our region and enjoy delectable meal pairings.

      29th November | Graham Beck
      30th January | Hermanuspietersfontein
      28th February | Blaauwkippen

    Flawless Finish Spa Event Close
    • Flawless Finish Spa Event

      Flawless Finish Spa Event

      Join us for an exciting evening on how to reduce the signs of ageing with Babor, SIX and Elemis. Not to be missed specials and goodies bags on the day.

      Click here for more information.

    Festive Programme 2014 - 2015 Close
    • Festive Season Holiday Programme 2014 - 2015

      Festive Season Holiday Programme 2014 - 2015

      The holiday programme starts from 19 December 2014 to 4 January 2015.  Activity registration cost R100 including a lunch voucher, and R50 excluding a lunch voucher.​

      Click here to view the Festive Season Holiday Programme.

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    International business and conference centre with top class facilities

    The hotel offers the ultimate in business facilities, including the Kogelberg Centre / Ballroom, and international conference and business centre that are equipped with the latest equipment to ensure your business event is as world-class style as everything at Arabella Hotel & Spa.

    More information

    Exclusive Offers

    Romantic Country Retreat

    A winter wonderland of activity.

    ​This package includes breakfast, 15% off Spa massages and 20% off Golf.

    Romantic Country Retreat. Single rate R1600. Minimum 2 night stay. Valid Friday to Sunday. Valid: 2014/04/01 - 2015/03/31
    R 950 per person sharing
    per night
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    Get 5% discount off every deal. More about Prokard

    Golfer's Paradise

    Package includes Unlimited Golf during the time of your stay, accommodation in a Deluxe Room, breakfast in Arabella Golf Club and access to the Arabella Spa facilities including Hydro pool, Sauna, Steam Room and Gymnasium.

    Single rate R1980. Valid 7 days a week. No minimum night stay. Book now to avoid disappointment. Tee times subject to availability. Book tee times directly with hotel at time of reservation. Valid: 2014/05/19 - 2014/10/31
    R 1330 per person sharing
    per night
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    Stay 3, Pay 2

    Embraced by the majestic Kogelberg Mountains.

    ​Rate includes accommodation in a Deluxe Room and full buffet breakfast.

    Single rate R1 600. Minimum 3 night stay. Valid 7 days a week. Valid: 2014/10/03 - 2015/03/31
    R 950 per person sharing
    per night
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    Arabella Hotel & Spa - Midweek Escape

    Rate includes luxurious accommodation in a Deluxe room, full buffet breakfast daily, 33.3% off Golf rounds (excludes golf cart and halfway), access to the Arabella Spa facilities with 33.3% off Spa any massages (excludes beauty treatments) and complimentary Wi-Fi

    Single rate R1400. No minimum night stay. Valid Sundays to Wednesdays only. Valid: 2014/11/01 - 2014/12/10
    R 815 per person sharing
    per night
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    Book a hotel
    0861 11 9000 Intl: +27 21 430 5300
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